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We can engineer lifts for loading bay environments.

A lifts offers a more flexible solution over dock levellers – especially if a range of vehicles are delivering or collecting goods.

Lifts can be pit mounted enabling loading to and from ground level.

Hand rails, gates and barrier arms ensure the operators can work on the platform safety.

Vehicles can be docked using a wide choice of bridging plates from light weight alloy plates to heavy duty hydraulically powered lips / lips.

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Dock Lifts


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All the lifts in our loading bay range can be galvanised, essential if the lifts are outside or in cold stores where condensation can build up under the table, or in marine environments to avoid salt erosion.

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Dock Levellers


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Handrails, gates, barriers and wheel stops makes the Loading Bay Lift one of the safest lifts in our range, these loading lifts are perfect for pallet handling, container loading & unloading, multi-height vehicle docking and roll cage lifting.

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