Scissor Lifts

Single Action

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We stock around 200 scissor lift tables- most are available for immediate delivery, conform to industry standards and are CE marked.



  • Pallet loading and stripping
  • Machine input/outfeed
  • Systems integration in conveyor lines
  • Large capacity needs – size or weight
  • Smooth loading and unloading using pallet truck
  • Double Action

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    We offer:-

    Double Vertical Action
    Greater lift strokes for changes in level.
    Can be set in a deep pit to position high loads.


    Double Horizontal Action

    Offer a more load bearing surface for longer and heavier loads. Can be used as work positioners or integrated into automated materials handling system.

    Low Profile

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    Where there is no access for loading and unloading conventional lift tables with a fork lift truck, or if the table cannot be pit mounted, we offer:-


    TCB Models-Full Deck Low Profiles With closed heights of 80mm-100mm, UK style full board pallets can be loaded and unloaded from the lift via a shallow ramp using hand or powered pallet trucks. The lift movement can then present the pallet at a good ergonomic height for the operator.


    TUB Models-U Shaped Deck Low Profiles For companies handling exclusively open boarded pallets (Euro Pallets) or stillages, the U shaped low profile can be loaded / unloaded without the need for a ramp.

    Stainless Steel

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    All our Scissor Lifts can be constructed from stainless steel. We offer a choice of hydraulic cylinder finishes to cope with the demands of high hygiene areas, such as food storage and preparation, and constant washing down with different chemicals.