Attention to detail is the hallmark of our Bespoke Service

Sep 15 2016

It looked simple on the screen and print-out. We’d use a Mast Lyft, with a capacity of 500kg. It would be ideal to move goods – in on the Ground Floor, then up to the Mezzanine for storage.

But the site visit threw us the curved balls.

Access to the building where the lift was to be installed was via narrow doorways
We couldn’t attach the lift to the frame where we believed we could do so- Mains Cabling couldn’t be re-routed
There was a 300 mm raised false floor too…

That’s why the site visit is so important. And why we go back to the Drawing Board before planning any build or installation.

So, we designed and built the shaft in small and manageable sections to get them through the narrow doors.

We produced the sledge separately from the platform – a change from our usual approach to installing a lift.

We built all these changes into our installation planning to ensure it all went smoothly and on time.

We overcame the Mains Cable challenge.

Our engineers expertise at the site visit was invaluable.

That’s why we’re chosen by so many customers- attention to detail, knowledge and experience.

If you’ve got a Bespoke Lift requirement call us now to discuss how we can provide the optimum solution for you.