Goods lifts and Mast lifts

TRANSLYFT goods lifts and mast lifts are for use between different levels and mezzanins up to 4500 mm and are based on our scissor construction.

The goods lift can be delivered complete with shaft, doors, gates, handrail, scissor protection with for example bellow or chain mesh. The doors and gates are delivered with interlocks for security reasons.

The goods lift is mounted with TRANSLYFT goods lift steering which contains auto level system, soft start/stop, 2 hand control boxes, UP/DOWN limit switches, interlocks etc.

TRANSLYFT mast lift for use between difference levels and mezzanines up top 7500 mm. It has a strong construction with smaller platform, high travel and low closed height so no pit is required.

The mast lift can either be mounted on existing walls or with free-standing shaft with doors incl. interlocks.

goods lifts and mast lifts

Goods lift

Mast lifts

Mast lift

Lightweight goods lift

Lightweight goods lift with or without operator

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