Mast Lifts – Free-standing goods lift

Looking for mast lifts or free-standing goods lifts? We have a wide range of standard and bespoke lifting solutions that can be fitted to factories, warehouses and manufacturing plants for the safe transportation of goods between levels. Our team are ready to hear about your lifting challenges, whatever they may be.

Mast lifts or free-standing goods lifts are an ideal safe, space-saving alternative to manually transporting goods between floors. Mast lifts are ideal for moving pallets between floors or between a mezzanine level, or for pallet handling because they reduce manual lifting and provide an efficient alternative to larger lifts.

Translyft mast lifts are designed with a strong construction design, high travel build and a low closed height, therefore they provide an effective space-saving solution for buildings since no pit is required during installation. Our bespoke lifts can either be mounted on existing walls or with a free-standing shaft with doors including interlocks. The lifts are also mounted with our goods lift steering capabilities, which contains an auto-level system, a soft start/stop, 2 hand control boxes, up/down limit switches and interlocks.

Do you require a particular finish, safety addition or another specialist fitting? We have delivered mast lifts and free-standing goods lifts for many different purposes in various buildings. All of our lifts can be delivered in steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel for outside installations. Please see our list of accessories for other kinds of equipment for mast lifts. If you cannot find the addition you require, please speak to the team about your specification.

Requirements for Mast Lifts

It’s important to check the space you have available and consider all of the functions required when planning a lifting project. To plan your lifting project, consider the following details:

  • What height does the lift need to reach
  • Do you know the maximum weight that the lift needs to hold?
  • What regulations does the lift need to comply with?

“Translyft Lifting Technology submitted the most competitive price and more importantly for us, lead time. The service provided was extremely efficient with excellent communication at all stages of the build” – David Woodward, Group Lead Co-ordinator at Kaman.

Every lifting solution that we deliver is designed, built and maintained by our in-house team of engineers. We also offer comprehensive lift service and repair packages, to ensure that your lift remains safe, in good working condition and operating to full capacity.

Get in touch with our expert team today to discuss your mast lift or free-standing goods lift solution by requesting a quote, calling us directly or on 0870 904 7775 or We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with a bespoke quote.

Translyft mast lifts features:

  • Up to 7.5 meters multi-levels
  • Does not require a machine room
  • No pit, or building work required
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Maximum space saving
  • Made-to-measure for the space available (no extra space required for installation)
  • Separate power unit (delivered in a lockable cabinet)

Ideal for the following applications:

  • Between fixed levels in buildings
  • Pallet handling to/from mezzanine floors
  • General materials handling between floors

Available in:

  • Single: Clear platform space for a single pallet, a total weight of 1200kg
  • Twin: Clear platform space for two pallets, a total weight of 2000kg
  • Single -light – a clear platform for a single pallet or load up to 600Kg
  • Bespoke: Available in other sizes and capacities – please call us


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