Dock Levellers

Both types of Dock Leveller are equally effective and efficient in different ways. The Swing Dock Leveller is the most popular for loading bays and can operate in a range above and below dock ensuring smooth loading or unloading using a fork or pallet truck. The Telescopic Dock Leveller is usually used for trailers where the goods are packed right to the back and therefore there is no room for a swing lip to travel out and land on the deck. Longer levellers can be supplied for container unloading – they are typically 1600mm high from ground level and therefore above standard docks of 1200mm.

Swing lip dock leveller- Ideal for most docking situations

Safe & efficient action for loading & unloading

  • Safe fast hydraulic action – Designed in accordance to BS EN 1398
  • Longer life span than mechanical dock levellers
  • Once activated the platform will rise & the lip will automatically swing out
  • Lip rotates on ‘maintenance free’ self lubricating bushes ensuring smooth operation
  • Gradient indicators ensure the dock is always operated within the stipulated max gradient of 12.5%

Telescopic Lip dock leveller- Ideal for unloading containers

These levellers offer finite adjustment of the lip which is a great advantage for vehicles with goods stacked right up to the rear doors.

  • Electro hydraulic operation- Built to BS EN 1398
  • Chequered plate platform surface
  • Safety maintenance prop
  • Gradient indicators
  • Green pilot lamp on control panel indicates when leveller is safe to use
  • Protection toe guards with black and yellow warning stripes
Download Hinged Lip Dock Leveller PDF Download Telescopic Lip Dock Leveller PDF
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