Bespoke project challenge at Manchester Arndale

Jul 03 2017

We are often asked to repair, re-furbish or replace a lift, but Manchester Arndale recently asked us to go one step further and replace an existing dock lift with an exact replica of the one being used to load and unload vehicles and goods at Manchester’s largest shopping centre.

Like-for-like is one of the special services we offer- and we love a challenge.

So, we completed a site visit, took exact measurements, photographs and did a comprehensive site and installation survey to ensure we had every detail of the lift, location, transporting and fitting to work from.

But we recognised that safety enhancements were needed to ensure it was totally compliant with all the latest regulations when being operated.

With these added the lift was then faithfully replicated and precision built by Engineers in our Denmark factory, shipped across to the UK where our team were able to install and test it before full service resumed.

The Arndale project is just another example of the highly bespoke service we can offer, creating lift solutions for every commercial environment.