Goods Lift Installations

Jul 18 2018

How will my new Goods Lift be installed inside our building?

How will my new loading bay lift be delivered and installed?

These are questions we are often asked once we have specified one of our bespoke lifting solutions.

On loading bay projects we typically use a lorry mounted crane (hiab) to place the lift in its pit or surface mount against the dock.

We are also highly experienced in working with crane operators on construction sites, working with their banksmen, riggers and slingers. Internal goods lifts are often lifted in this way at an early stage in the project timetable.

When installing goods lifts in existing buildings the lift can be placed on machine skates via the delivery crane and then maneuvered through the building to the lift pit and/or shaft. We use a variety of methods from A frame gantries and lifting beams to electric chain blocks and tug units.

In some cases the lift can be designed and manufactured in small components that can be dismantled after factory testing and then delivered, handled to the lift site and reassembled.

All of our installations are carried out and supervised by our NVQ qualified engineers utilising a network of crane and machine moving specialists, sub-contractors and other suppliers. All of our operations follow proven processes, accredited via our ISO9001 2015 Quality Assurance audits. We are Safe Contractor accredited and registered in the CIS tax scheme for construction site supply.

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