Taking the drama out of delivering to the Barbican

Sep 16 2016

The Barbican Centre, in the heart of the city of London, is Europe’s largest multi-arts performance venue with a concert hall, theatres, cinemas, a library, restaurants and conference and trade exhibition areas catering for audiences of 3000 and up to 2000 conference delegates at a time.

Until recently delivering goods to the centre for any conference or production wasn’t easy as it involved negotiating unloading vehicles via concrete steps within a closed docking area in the basement with no ability to unload or reload directly from a vehicle.

As part of a ‘white-box’ solution for the Centre Lifting Technology drew up plans to make things easier… and more efficient.

We recommended the building of a bespoke 3 ton loading bay lift that eliminated the steps once the vehicle had been lowered to the basement level and allowed for goods to be unloaded directly from a lorry or lorry lift so that the deliveries could be moved under the stage or into adjoining store rooms quickly and easily, improving the turnaround time.

But building and delivering the job involved some tight deadlines given the Autumn season was about to start, plus there were additional restrictions regarding access and hours of work.

In order to ensure we hit the deadlines our engineers in Denmark ‘put in an extra shift’ working over two weekends to build the lift, ensuring we stayed on the project plan. This enabled our UK crew to install and sign off the project ahead of our August 26th deadline and the opening of the venues Autumn Season.

Deliveries have now started again with improved turnaround times and smarter, more efficient handling and logistics of all staging, props, conference materials and production equipment.

A bespoke Lifting Technology ‘white-box’ solution – from design to delivery.

And another satisfied customer – it’s our top priority.

Curtain up!