Loading Bay Lifts for Shipping Containers

Mar 02 2018

Loading Bay Lift Solution for Sea container packing

Translyft are a company that help people with goods and material handling processes, often supplying Loading Bay Lifts. We specifically talk to organisations about manual handling and material handling issues with product damage, days lost and sometimes prosecutions due to non-compliance with Health and Safety regulations.

A Midland manufacturer frustrated with damage to their exported goods arriving via sea container in the USA contacted Translyft to discuss a possible solution. After doing a survey and getting a good understanding of their processes it became clear their main concern was the financial costs and stress in flying engineers to the US to repair damage to the goods. Further questioning uncovered that the export orders were being packed by a third party logistics company with the additional cost of cross shipping the products from the manufacturing plant to the logistics providers premises.

Translyft provided a loading bay lift design and  specification for approval. The lift was then manufactured and installed meeting a precise deadline for the next batch of sea containers to be packed for export. Mounted in the yard with vehicle docking buffers and wheel guides, the lift was loaded via side loading fork truck. Once lifted to the container height the goods were transferred over a hydraulic bridge plate and stowed ready for their journey.

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