Manual handling issue solved at turbine blade manufacturers

May 29 2018

In many production and processing lines there is often a “gap” between man and machine where solutions are required to overcome handling issues usually involving materials and components. These physical actions, often many of them repetitive, can lead to injuries and strains.  With careful assessments and processing of valuable user experiences we offer manual handling solutions that once installed improve the work environment of employees and create improved efficiencies.

At Translyft we work to a tried and tested process with many successful solutions installed in a variety of environments throughout Europe. Typically we –

1.Define and Quote: We listen to your requirement. Talk it through with you. Create initial  designs  & specifications for the best solution, and send them to you with an estimate.

2. Visit and Review: Then we visit the site. Get into the detail. Take all the measurements, scope the environment to understand any installation challenges, understand any concerns or constraints, and ensure the design meets all the necessary regulations whether building regs, health and safety or those associated with specialist workplaces like Pharmaceuticals or Food Processing etc.

3. Detailed Planning and Production: Following the visit we produce detailed designs and drawings using verified site measurements and create final technical drawings supporting the build and installation.

4. Bespoke build: All signed off, these final drawings then trigger the production build at the factory. And we follow the job through at every stage.

5. Deliver and Install: From the factory to the site, to full implementation and testing, to sign off. Our installation engineers will have mapped it all out and made sure we hit your key dates and deadlines.

We recently installed two small lifts to take wheeled tote boxes of turbine blades between a small change of level in a production area. Previously operators had carried the totes up the steps pictured but after repetitive strain injuries and a trip and fall we were invited to propose a solution to remove the risks from heavy lifting . The lifts were installed after a careful survey and cooperation with the customers internal engineering team who prepared the cut out in the upper steel deck. The totes are now wheeled on at the lower level, the gate is closed and then the operator can call the lift up using the control  box. Once at the upper level the top gate can be opened and the tote wheeled onto the upper deck.

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