Stainless Steel Range from Translyft

Sep 07 2018

Translyft Stainless Steel Lifts

Save costs and reduce risks in the food industry

If you work in the food industry, both your collaborators and your end users rightly expect you to control hygiene and food safety in your production facilities. Everyone knows that it can be fatal to fail this trust. In the short run, it means a shutdown of your production, revocation of goods and lost revenue. But in the long run, it means lost confidence and credibility, which is the highest price a food business can pay.

No chain is known to be stronger than its weakest link. And often, bacterial contamination in the food industry is due to use of inappropriate components in the process lines. Our range of stainless steel lifting tables dramatically improves hygiene and food safety in your production environment. This both means saving cleaning costs and reducing risks of contamination.

The Translyft Stainless Steel range are constructed with 304 stainless steel with a range of different cylinder choices for different environments as well as IP rated electrical components.
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