Super Install for Superdrug

Oct 18 2018

Install for Superdrug, Yeovil

We were asked by our Customer to help design a replacement lift with added features to help minimise the damage caused by flooding. This included remote power pack and control panel both located away from the pit at a level that will not be affected by water.

The lift was delivered via HIAB, skated into position using a portable gantry and chain clock and  lowered  into the pit. All  in line with safety measures and to eliminate manual handling problems for engineers.

Description of typical installation works:

  • Attend Site induction if required
  • Check for clear access to lift location
  • Ensure the lifting area is clear and all site personnel are informed of lift Installation.
  • Erect bollards and barriers if required for site and public safety
  • HIAB to deliver lift to site and crane to offload lift onto machine skates
  • Lift maneuvered to pit on machine skates
  • Assemble portable gantry, beam with trolley and chain block
  • Portable gantry used to lower lift into pit
  • Shims used to level lift in pit, then bolt down
  • Connect lift to power, isolator provided by site
  • Secure all hoses in conduit/trunking and run cables to the isolator
  • Check controls and switches are working correctly
  • Touch up paint where required
  • Clean working area
  • Remove packaging to the area identified by Superdrug
  • Commission lift

Our Senior Engineer carried out the first Site visit and along with our Installation Engineer completed the project to its final stages.

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