Translyft Hygienic Design

There is no need to argue why hygienic environment is crucial to your business. Nonetheless we would like to share a few points about how Translyft Hygenic Design can help you in saving cost and reducing risk by choosing our stainless steel hygienic system.

The four most important points on how the total cost of ownership will decrease by using Translyft hygienic design:

  • Higher food safety after cleaning – Fewer bacteria left on table (documented effect)
  • More efficient washing – Less time spend, Less water spend, Less Detergent used
  • Better durability in the rough food industry environment – Better components
  • Broad selection to ensure right solution and best ergonomic

Overall the Translyft Hygenic Design reassures a better hygiene chain and more efficient work place.

Introducing: Hygienic Design

Our line of stainless steel lifting tables is designed to improve hygiene and increase food safety in your production. The tables are made with certified components and innovative features. Tailor made to your demands.

The Hygienic Design Lifting Table has been tested in the recognized Nilfisk Food Test Lab, Aalborg, Denmark.

Watch how we do it …

“The new TRANSLYFT lifting table is considerably more hygienic and easy to clean, which means a significant saving in the daily cleaning routines. Based on a total cost of ownership consideration, the lifting table is a really good investment.”

Kim Petersen, Technical CEO, FoodSafe as

Special Features

TRANSLYFT Hygienic Design

  • Free-standing/wall-mounted hydraulic and power unit
  • Base frame with drain holes
  • Special floor rail system (floor fixed, epoxy adhesive dowel and screws)
  • No hidden or blind edges
  • Special developed cleanable bearings at turning points
  • The scissors are produced in flat stainless steel
  • Open and/or closed hygiene design
  • Special assembled hydraulics and electrical wires so foam cleaning is possible

Specifications and certifications

  • Translyft Hygienic Design system is developed in association with the Technical University of Denmark
  • CE approved STAINLESS Steel build design
  • AISI 304 / 316 or higher alloy
  • As far as possible produced by EHEDG guidelines
  • FDA approved components
  • USDA standards

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Approved Hygienic Design

We set out on a journey to make the most hygienic lifting-table for tough environments ever. Test results from the Technical University of Denmark prove that we’ve made it – with a significantly better hygiene level and up to 50% savings in terms of cleaning time and cost compared to an ordinary lifting table. The journey isn’t over though. We’ll keep on innovating, and with our customers we’ll tailor-make the tables to secure a 100 % fit to their needs.

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Even though lifting tables are in fact a small part of the hygienic chain in any production line, it is our responsibility to deliver products that improve the cleanability and the hygiene in our customers production flow

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