Why do we invest in technical training ?

Nov 15 2018

At Translyft, we understand that every lift is unique and provide outstanding consultation and innovation accordingly. This  ensures better and more efficient work environments. That is why we invest in technical training with our sales engineers to ensure we ask the relevant questions when we consult on new solutions. We have a tried-and-tested business model. We manage all aspects of the process from consulting, design and product development to production and service under one roof. And our clients tell us that our in-house expertise and our flexibility makes us a unique and valuable business partner.

“We have just completed a 2 day in-house training session with our colleagues from Denmark” says George Scholes, Managing Director of Translyft in the UK. “Having recently launched a new company identity with a new logo, marketing package and website, we are now increasing our technical expertise across our range of products to ensure we offer the right,  high quality solutions.”


And new product lines on their way –

Translyft has changed its working methods and developed new product lines, and has just revealed one of these:  Hygienic Design.

This might be the world’s most hygienic lifting table and Translyft has focused on optimizing hygiene and lowering operating costs in food or pharmacy production. This new concept reduces cleaning costs by up to 50% (use of time, water and detergent) and improves hygiene significantly.